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Barking Fox Books is the publishing imprint of writer and illustrator Mark Bardsley.
Here you can find links to his book releases, illustration website and associated publishing projects.
Email: enquiries@barkingfoxbooks.com
UK landline; +44 (0)1938 500506

50 funny poems about childhood, hilariously illustrated in full colour!

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link to animal poems by mark bardsley on amazon

Poems about our furry, feathered and scaly friends
101 pages fully illustrated in colour

link to dogs by mark bardsley on amazon

Poems for 50 favourite dog breeds
109 pages fully illustrated in colour

card hut card craft link

Card craft software for making
Mark Bardsley greetings cards and stationary

amazon link to a midsummers ice cream by stephen williams

Comical Northern poetry by Stephen Williams
illustrated by Mark Bardsley

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